About Saunders Machinery Company

Mitch Saunders, owner of Saunders Machinery Company, has been in the used machinery business since March of 1973.  He started out working as a salesman with Paul Roberts Machinery Corporation, eventually working his way up to vice president of the company.

With Paul Roberts Machinery Corporation being a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (M.D.N.A.), Mitch became an officer with the local Chicago chapter for many years back in the 1980’s. The foundation of M.D.N.A. is its Code of Ethics. This association was established in 1941 to assure buyers of the integrity and reliability of used machinery dealers.

Back in 1983, when the Accredited Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (A.M.E.A.) association was first formed, Mitch became one of the first members to join the Chicago chapter. The A.M.E.A. was put together by several members associated with the M.D.N.A. to give worldwide acredidation to used machinery dealers and auctioneers. You have to go thru a training session and test to become a member. With this membership, Mitch gained additional knowledge on doing appraisal work for many manufacturing companies.

Paul Roberts Machinery handled all types of metalworking machine tools, from shears, brakes and presses to automatics, drills, gear machines, grinders, lathes, etc. and the rest. The knowledge and experience that Mitch gained from this eventually led to his forming his own company.

In June of 1991, Mitch started Saunders Machinery Company, based in Wheeling, Illinois.  Then in 2007, Mitch moved his base operations to Mundelein, Illinois, with warehouse operations based in Elk Grove, Illinois.  With specific experience on certain types of machines over that last 34 years, such as bolt & pipe threaders, broaching machines, keyseaters, all types of grinders & drills, etc..  Mitch is now specializing in lapping machines for the last 50+ years.  He also sells all types of fabricating machines, C.N.C. machines, and most types of other metalworking machines.  We are a global company, buying and selling throughout the world.