Saunders Machinery Company is currently looking for the following machines. If you have any of the machine tools listed below, please contact us.

Lapping Machines. All makes models and sizes. Late and excellent condition.  Brands like Speedfam, Lapmaster, Stahli, Spitfire, Hoffman, Strasbaugh, Peter Wolters                      300-400 Ton Dake Horizontal Hydraulic Wheel Press, in good shape.
1 ” to 4″ Landis Bolt Threader, Leadscrew, Single or double heads, Type R Head, Late.

42″ to 46″ swing x 10′ to 16’cc H.D. Engine Lathe, taper, 5″+ spdl. hole, chucks.
10 to 25 ton LaPointe or Apex Horizontal Broach, with retriever, Hyd., Late.
No. 3 or 3A or 5 Mitts & Merrill Keyseaters, Hyd. only, tooled, Late.
No. 625 TFG Speedfam, Thru-Feed Grinder, 4-Post, Late.
4′ x 11″-13″ Carlton or Ikeda Radial Drill, Exc., Late.
No. 11 Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder, 16″ or 20″ chuck, Late.
36″ Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder, Exc., Late.
12″-16″ x 24″ Okamoto Hyd. Surface Grinder, 1990’s.
No. 2-OM Cincinnati Centerless Grinder, Exc. 1950’s.
No. 4GSR Leblond Boring Lathe, Complete and Exc.
6′-10′ x 1/4″ Webb Plate Bending Roll, Initial Type, Late.
No. 3 Moore Jig Grinder, Extra Heads, Clean, 1970’s.
No. TG12X4 Royal Master Centerless Grinder, 1990’s.
300 ton Dake only Wheel Press, Horizontal Hyd. Late.
No. M-75 Eldorado Gun Drill, 30″ Stroke, Late.
32″- 46″ x 12′- 18′ Leblond only, H.D. Engine Lathe, 1960’s.
Wickman Optical Profile Grinder, Large Screen, Late.
6 to 10 cu. ft. Vibratory Finisher, Sweco or Roto Finish, Late.
No. A22B Reed Thread Roller, with Holders, 1970’s+.
No. 1805 Sunnen Hone, Power Stroker, Latest, with tooling.
Cinco-15 Cincinnati Centerless Grinder, Work Rest, Late.
No. 24H & 36H & 48H Gould & Eberhardt Gear Hobbers, 1950’s.
20″ Rockford Hyd. Vertical Slotter, 22″ stroke, 1960’s+
No. EC-3500 Sunnen Hone, exc., tooled, 1998+
18″-24″ x 60″-100″ Engine Lathe, large hole, tooled, late
Gardner or Besly Vertical Double Disc Grinder, complete, late
5000 lb. to 10,000 lb. Fork Lift Trucks, Clark or similiar, late
No. 4F Fenn Swager, 2 1/4″ cap., complete, late
100-150 ton Pacific Hyd. Press Brake, 10′-12′, late and nice.                                                       36″-48″ Strasbaugh or Lapmaster CP Polishers, late model