Lapping Machines

Below is a list of our lapping machines available. For more information on any of our current machines, please contact us.   Any machine below listed “as new” means new.

We sell “brand new” Lapmasters throughout the majority of the U.S. and Canada.

We sell “brand new” lap plates (segments) & conditioning rings for Speedfam Lappers.

We sell “brand new” lap plates & rings for Spitfires & Lapmasters & other Lappers.

12″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings, 4-1/4″ I.D., pump, timer, hand weights, as new

15″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings (5-1/2″ ID), pump, timer, hand weights, as new

15″ Lapmaster Model LSP-6 2-Sided Lappers, 15″ dual plates, under power, nice, 1995

15″ Lapmaster Hand Lapping Plates, new in crates, for Model LSP-6, or hand lapping


20″ Lapmaster, H.D. table model, open face, variable speed, 3 rings, (7-1/2″ I.D.),  as new

24″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 3 rings, 9-3/4″ I.D., slurry pump, timer, as new

28″ Lapmaster, Model 700, open face, conditioning rings, slurry pump, timer, 1988

32″ Speedfam, No. 32BSW, 4 rings, touch screen, heavier 7.5 H.P., vari speed, 2007 (2)


36″ Lapmaster, open face, 3 rings (14-1/2″ ID), vari speed, slurry pump, timer, exc., 2005

36″ Lapmaster, open face/pneumatic style, variable speed, slurry pump, 3 new rings, 1973

36″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 3 rings (14-1/2″ ID), pump, timer, as new

48″ Lapmaster, O/F or Pneu., slurry system, 4 rings (17″ ID), timer, reconditioned, 1996

48″ Lapmaster, open face, 4 ring style, brand new segments, needs some TLC, 1970’s

48″ Speedfam, H Frame, 4 rings (18″ ID), press. plates, slurry pump, reconditioned, 2003

48″ Lapmaster Lapping Plate segments, 5″ thick, 16 segments, in crate, brand new

48″ Lapmaster Lapping Plate, one piece plate, 4″ thick, 2-1/4″ serrations, brand new

48″ Strasbaugh CP Polisher, with 3 rings, granite, glass shoe bruiser, under power


48″ Strasbaugh Pitch Polisher, 4 stations, variable speed, good condition


48″ Speedfam Glass Polisher, No. 48GPAW, pressure heads, rings, pump, 1980’s


48″ Lapmaster, open face or air lifters, 4 rings, 17″ I.D., complete, we sell new ones

56″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 4 rings, 20.8″ ring ID, pump, timer, as new

64″ Speedfam, No. 64BSW, 4 rings (24″ ID), exc. lap plate, water cooled, timer, 1990


72″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 4 rings, 27″ ring ID, pump, timer, as new

84″ Speedfam Lapping Plate (segments), brand new, in stock, great deal

Miscellaneous parts and rings and plates for lapping machines.


Miscellaneous optical flats, monochromatic lights and flatness gauges for machines.


Manuals available for many Speedfam, Lapmaster, Spitfire, and other brands.


We sell new lapping plates and conditioning rings for Lapmaster, Speedfam & Spitfire.